LINE-UP:      Jack/Guitar      Magnus/Voices     Lionel/Drum     Piffeux/Bass
Calcined is a Death Metal formation created in 2008 by some freak devoted and impassioned by the extreme Metal scene.The compositions could be seen as old school, furious, brutal and chaotic and evolving with a very firm and steady rhythmic and with scathing riffings while the voice have to find its way between perdition, dementia and savagery.

The band released some Demo/EP/split during his first five years before to differentiate with a Est Europa tour in 2013, a first full-length “Tormenting Attractions” released in the spring 2015 on the french label: “Great Dane Records” and in 2016: a rewarding and magnificent tour in Cuba.

Thenceforth, the band won a lot of live experience. Trying to be on stage as much as possible where they can play, Calcined opened for some mighty bands like Inveracity (GR), Carnal Decay (CH), Internal Suffering (COL), Stillbirth (D), Cauchemar (CAN), Putridity (IT), Perverse Dependance (RUS), Pighead (D), etc…

Always very active and devoted face to the possibility to play live and to composing some new piece of music, Calcined's writing his second full-length and is ready to devastate every places who're ready to welcome us!

See you in the Pit !